Our company does not charge
for awesomeness.

We do, however, reward awesomeness
on the regular.

When you love what you do, everyday is a blast. So, we have a lot of fun at GardnerBarnes. Life is short and mediocrity just isn’t our thing. Our culture is infectious and its kind of a big deal around here. We place our clients and our people above all else. If they ain’t happy, we ain’t happy. We want to be easy to do business with, approach every day, every deal, every situation with integrity and professionalism and have a great time doing it. If you aren’t into that, its cool…our way of life isn’t for everybody but for us its non-negotiable.

invest+partner+distribute+make stuff happen & connect.

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Q: what does gb actually do ?

A: It was really important to us to understand this as we launched. We wrestled with this a lot for sure. In the end, we decided we would do what we always do and be awesome. It is this commitment to awesomeness we bring to the job every day that keeps our people and our clients happy. It’s like swimming…you cant’ fake it.

Q: what is your core focus ?

A: Our core focus is healthcare. We have multiple product/service lines which are focused on diagnostics, biologics and ancillary revenue streams for our physician partners. We readily admit having the attention spans of cocker spaniels and we do tend to like shiny things, but our people and our passion are focused on better medicine everyday.

Q: You realize that's not a very good answer, right ?

A: Have you seen our “No A$$holes Policy?” 

Q: What do you mean when you say "diagnostics" ?

A: Molecular diagnostics to be more precise. The antibiotic crisis in the US is alarming. The CDC has published a whitepaper on this and – to the credit of the medical community – many care givers have embraced antibiotic stewardship in earnest. We can now test the DNA of the pathogen, the bacteria, identify it with 99% accuracy and determine to which antibiotics it has developed a resistance. That’s incredible. Its good medicine and many of our physician practices are embracing it with their patients. 

Drug interactions and side effects kill twice as many people in the US every year than automobile accidents. Its the fourth leading cause of death – with stroke – in the U.S. and nobody is talking about it. It’s crazy. 

Q: Are there really three guys named greg ?

A: Yes. 

That was completely by design. Once the idea to start a company with three guys named Greg was hatched, its brilliance was immediately apparent. We began interviewing guys named Greg in what was a lengthy and exhausting process designed to separate the bad Gregs and the boring Gregs from the awesome Gregs. We finally settled on just calling our friends named Greg and starting GardnerBarnes. There were only three of us.

Q: Can you tell me more about biologics ?

A: Absolutely! This is an area we are passionate about. Regenerative medicine has been incubating in University labs for years. This means the finest minds on the planet have been focused on changing people’s lives, making a difference by understanding our own genetic material and how we an repurpose it. The most exciting thing in this space is by far the discovery of Exosomes and their unlocked potential. 

There is a product called A2M we represent that is the only biologic we are aware of that comes with a free diagnostic. In other words, there is a free test that tells you if the product will work before you try it. The call it the Miracle Molecule because of its efficacy in inhibiting catabolic activity in joint spaces while stopping inflammation. And here’s the great part – it comes from your own blood. Its inside of all of us. It just needs to be enhanced a little and reinjected to do its job. 

Amniotic fluid advancements in the number of growth factors in complex proteins are exciting too. It is changing the face of medicine and that gets us all kinds of geeked up.

Q: Where does the name gardnerbarnes come from ?

A: Actually, its the name of Kevin Costner’s character in a movie called Fandango about college roommates who are facing the draft as they graduate The University of Texas at Austin and go on one last road trip before heading off to Viet Nam. 

The movie is all about crossroads, fear, friendship and doing the right thing. There are a lot of road trip movies out there where the main characters seek truth and answers through their journeys, but for us this one is the most relevant to our experiences. And they’re from Texas, so there’s that.

Q: What are ancillary revenue streams ?

A: Basically, anything that helps our partners provide the best patient care while also benefiting their practices. Some examples of this are those protein diets you see when you go to the doctor. They’re healthy and good for you as the patient. And if you buy them through your doctor, they make a little juice on it for telling you about it. 

That said. That’s NOT what we do. Our biologics, for example, help doctors start a regenerative medicine practice while giving patients alternatives to surgery for a variety of conditions. 

We also have Interventional Centers we are opening with our physician partners for treating PAD/PVD cases. Most of these present asymptomatic, so we saw that better screening was needed at the primary care layer. Specialists, such as Podiatrists, Nephrologists and Endocrinologists, see it all the time due to their patient population. But its definitely present at the PCP and IM doctor layer as well. Our centers will help diagnose and intervene in an outpatient setting. Everyone wins.

Q: what's up with the side gigs ?

A: We have a lot of really cool friends involved in a lot of really cool $h*t. Take Cannabis, for example. (I’m not saying to take cannabis, unless of course you want to and you find yourself in a state where it is legal or you need it for medicinal purposes.) The space looked crowded and saturated to be certain. In fact, many of the investors we talked to early on couldn’t get past that. But these friends of ours – businessmen with backgrounds in real estate and building companies – saw a gap in the market that wasn’t being served and set out to fill that void. It seems so obvious now, but nobody else saw it. Once we understood the concept, it was a no brainer.

With AEV, you have a bunch of really smart guys from Dell, Segway, Qanta, etc…who have years of experience and success all coming together in a niche that has been under served in the electric vehicle space. On top of that, they are experts in supply chain and had that all lined out to deliver product to market. Given that its a pure execution play, and we believe in the team, we got plugged in early.  Plugged in.” Get it? 

Kind Health has assembled some of the smartest guys in the health insurance business, including some Ninja programmers who have turned the model upside down for obtaining affordable coverage. We love those guys, their vision and their swagger entering a space that needs to be completely overhauled. 


A: Sure we do. Look, we run “wide-open.” It is who we are . Our brand reflects that. It is by design. What we have found is that those who don’t “get it” are usually the biggest perpetrators of our “No A$$holes” policy. And that winds up saving everyone a lot of time and misery. 

Q: That all sounds really badass. any other cool $tuff you guys are looking at ?

A: We are always having discussions….looking at opportunities. Block chain technology intrigues us. Biometrics is an interesting space in which we have a interest. Telemedicine has yet to be executed efficiently. Hemp and Cannabis offer people valid alternatives to traditional medicine and that’s something that intrigues us a lot. So, yeah we are always looking for the next cool thing. We are kinda picky about who we do them with though. Remember our policy……

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