Healthcare is our main gig

We are focused on providing our physician partners the most innovative and best-in-class healthcare products on the planet. Our partners choose us because they want results. We choose them because they are the best at what they do.

Molecular Pathology dna & diagnostics

The US is facing an antibiotic crisis. The CDC estimates that at least 50% of all prescribed antibiotics are either unnecessary or inappropriate. Antibiotic stewardship among front line health care providers is a top priority. Our molecular pathology panels are second to none in quality, accuracy and turnaround time.

Regenerative Medicine - Harnessing the Body's ability to heal itself

Regenerative medicine seeks to cure injury, pain and disease instead of just treating and managing it. Even people who have been considered untreatable or incurable in the past, have the ability of flourish after undergoing regenerative medicine protocols.g

interventional procedural centers

PAD/PVD presents without symptoms in most cases. It is important you understand how to screen for it and intervene early. GardnerBarnes and Insight Vascular have teamed up to build interventional procedure centers around the Greater Houston area. For more information, please click below.

Pharmacogenetics testing

PGx (Pharmacogenomic) Panel – Most commonly prescribed medications today are metabolized through the liver’s P450 System. Phi Life Sciences tests support physician’s determination of the most appropriate drug at the right dose for each patient.