GardnerBarnes participates in the highest quality Cannabis projects in North America. Our partners in this space are experienced entrepreneurs, industry veterans and visionaries. For more information on our Cannabis Portfolio Projects, review some of the highlights below and then contact us to learn more.

Evergreen Farms - San Luis Valley Colorado

EVERGREEN FARMS is a high margin real estate and cannabis business founded by a group of experienced developers, entrepreneurs,   investors and clean energy experts  with a track record of operating and seed investing in cannabis ventures in Colorado.

EVERGREEN FARMS will cultivate premium cannabis flower and produce high quality extracted cannabis oil, delivering to the market using third-party dispensaries and direct sales to infused product manufacturers.

    Aurora Colorado - World Class Cannabis Grow Facility

    • Bud Fox Enterprises LLC seeks to perfect hand crafted cannabis grown in LEED certified greenhouses. By using proprietary horticulture methods and the latest state of the art extraction methods, Bud Fox will produce the highest quality, strain specific, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and CBD oil in the Colorado market.
    • Our site consists of a 8,100 sq foot office building and two large state-of-the-art greenhouses in Aurora, Colorado, located 13 miles from downtown Denver and 15 miles from Denver International Airport.
    • This project is a dynamic business venture that closely watches the wholesale pricing of live resin, organic single strain cannabis oil, and CO2/BHO extracted oils with short and long-term contracts tied to our manufacturers to maximize efficiencies.
    • GardnerBarnes partnered with Bud Fox to participate in this one of a kind, state of the art, facility in Aurora, Colorado. There are grow facilities and then there’s this….unrivaled, unequaled in the space.