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Molecular Pathology

Antibiotic Stewardship – Read what the CDC says about the antibiotic crisis in the U.S.

Regenerative Medicine

Video Presentation Overview of Regenerative Medicine

Exosomes – Changing the Face of Medicine
APIC A2M – The Miracle Molecule
PRFM – Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix


Healthcare Resources

  • Patient Choice Coalition of Texas
    • The Patient Choice Coalition of Texas is intent on Re-Defining the definition of healthcare as: “the relationship between a physician and their patient”. The insurance industry must be identified as ancillary, and as such, relegated to simply insuring the healthcare market as the free market defines it; not how insurance companies would wish or manipulate it to be.
Medical Training
  • Empire Medical Training
    • Empire Medical Training is the longest in business, original Aesthetic, Anti Aging/Weight Management Medicine, , Pain Management and Surgical Training Continuing Medical Education Company. Empire has successfully graduated over 100,000 physicians and health care professionals since 1998. More practitioners attend these courses compared to any other procedural training programs in the U.S.
Patient Financing
  • ClearGage
    • ClearGage, LLC is revolutionizing the way healthcare providers do business. By developing innovative healthcare payment solutions and financial services that employ revenue cycle technology that are HIPAA and PCI compliant, we’re doing our part to bring proven retail payment solutions to the healthcare market and simplify the process of calculating and collecting patient payments.